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Professional Development (PD) Projects

UCLA Extension Program Evaluation

ETI evaluated the UCLA Extension Culturally-Inclusive Positive Behavior Supports Teacher Training Program, a professional development program designed to teach teachers the necessary skills and confidence to utilize positive behavioral supports (PBS) when working with students with emotional/behavioral disorders (EBD). ETI conducted a formative evaluation which examined participants’ reaction to the program curriculum and materials and a summative evaluation of teacher outcomes including teachers’ skills for using PBS, increased confidence teaching students with EBD, and increased knowledge in the area of culturally sensitive approaches to instruction. ETI employed a pre-program/post-program evaluation design that utilized surveys, focus groups and classroom observations. Results were used to revise program professional development curricula as well as highlight teacher outcomes. 

Evaluation of the Saban Resident in STEM

The Saban Residency in STEM for Women and Girls at EnCorps is a proposed residency program that aims to increase the number of women in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), in addition to addressing teacher shortages in math and science in the state of California. Toward that end, the Encorps Teachers Program provides vital training and support to transition qualified STEM professionals into successful STEM teachers who serve in under-resourced public schools. In order to ensure that the program is producing its intended benefits and continues to operate as effectively as possible, ETI conducted an impact evaluation. We employed a mixed-methods evaluation design that used survey research methods to develop baseline information about impacts to stakeholders (educators, host teachers, and program directors). In addition, we conducted open-ended interviews to capture the rich, nuanced and deeper impacts the program had on its participants. We presented our findings in a user-friendly report to provide EnCorps with rich information that it can use to improve the program for future cohorts and also to document its effects on participants

Environmental Education Initiative (EEI) Professional Development Pilot Evaluation

The Evaluation and Training Institute (ETI) was contracted by National Geographic Education Programs (NGEP) to conduct an evaluation of a pilot teacher professional development program designed to increase teachers’ content knowledge about environmental topics and the amount and quality of environmental education (EE) instruction in the classroom. The evaluation was designed to meet two objectives: 1) to study the program’s impact on teachers, and 2) to collect formative feedback for improving the pilot program. To meet these objectives, ETI used a pre/post-program, mixed methods research design to assess and analyze participants’ attitudes, knowledge and skills before and after their participation in the program. Results were used to prepare the program to launch to a broader audience of teachers. 

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