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K-12 Education Projects

California Science Center School Evaluation

In 2011, The California Science Center (CSC) contracted ETI to conduct a two-year summative evaluation of the Alexander Science Center School (ASC School), a neighborhood, affiliated charter school in LAUSD for K-5th grade students.  The purpose of the evaluation is to determine the impact the ASC School has on its students compared to students in traditional LAUSD schools, as well as lay the groundwork for future evaluations. ETI developed a Quasi-experimental research design used to understand the school’s impact on students’ critical thinking, problem-solving skills, attitudes about learning and academic achievement. An attitude survey about students’ curiosity, sense of discovery, and attitudes toward science learning were developed in conjunction with CSC staff and relevant stakeholders. ETI also examined parental involvement and their ability to support their children’s learning environment.


Impact Evaluation of LAUSD's Beyond the Bell (BTB) Program

Using LAUSD student information system data, ETI conducted an evaluation of the impact of the BTB program, a Saturday middle and high school academic enrichment program wherein school teachers present mathematics and English curricula designed by independent program providers to academically at-risk students. Statistical analyses were conducted to study the impact of BTB attendance on outcomes such as standardized test scores, academic proficiency levels, attendance, suspensions and absences, and a report prepared which summarized the results of the study.

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