i3 Implementation Evaluation

Our implementation study of the UPSTART preschool program evaluated whether or not the UPSTART preschool program was implemented as intended.  A detailed description of the program is presented via a logic model that specifies program key components, mediators, and intended outcomes and with accompanying narrative. We use a variety of data sources to determine implementation fidelity, including attendance logs, software usage records, parent resource materials, interviews, surveys, and meeting notes. Results indicate that the UPSTART preschool program was disseminated per the intended framework, with the majority of preschoolers using the computer software with fidelity, educational technology provisioned to all families in need, and a range of curricular and motivational support offered to all participating families. The successful implementation of the UPSTART preschool program allows for a clearer connection between program content and the program outcomes. 


  • Garcia, S. (2019). UPSTART Summer Program Implementation Evaluation.

  • Overby, M. (2016). Rural UPSTART Preschool Study: 2014-2015 Implementation Report.

Papers and presentations are available. For more information, contact: 

Jon Hobbs, Ph.D.